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Kathy Kalbfleisch Staff Photo

Bachelor of Science Degree: Northern Michigan University/Marquette, Michigan.

Certification in Vocational Education: Northern Michigan University/Marquette, Michigan

Master’s Degree: University of St. Mary’s Leavenworth, Kansas.

Certification in Special Education: University of South Carolina.

National Board Certified Teacher, (NBCT).



I am honored to be the resource teacher at Newberry Elementary.  This is my 27th year teaching in the public school system of South Carolina with prior teaching experience consisting of 9 years in Michigan.  My teaching experience is diverse and extensive. My career includes teaching Family and Consumer Science, 7th grade ELA, Self-Contained Special Needs, Inclusion and Resource. 


At a Glance – Ms. Katherine Kalbfleisch

As I teach my students each day, I work to inspire and mold their young, impressionable minds academically, emotionally and socially. I want my students to recognize their strengths and give them the opportunities to use these strengths.

What I love most about teaching is watching the pleasure of discovery. It’s wonderful to see children use their understanding of concepts and strategies, as they individually grow and develop academically.

Fun fact: My family home was created from a very, very old and abandoned, one-room school house! So, you could say, I have literally lived in/at school!!! Every time I have entered the 4th of July Pie Baking Contest in St. Ignace, Michigan, I have WON!!