Newberry Elementary School Counseling Overview

Newberry Elementary School Guidance seeks to provide a comprehensive, developmental guidance program for all students. The counseling program is aligned with the mission of Newberry Elementary School in ensuring that families, the community, and the school work together to provide an environment of success for students.

Newberry Elementary School Counseling Program

The school guidance counselor works collaboratively with parents, teachers, and other school officials to ensure the academic, personal, and social success of students. The counselor addresses these needs by providing:

(a)individual counseling;

(b)small group counseling; and

(c)classroom guidance.

South Carolina Guidance Model

The counseling program is aligned with the South Carolina Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model which aims to support student development. The program consists of four components:

(a)Guidance Curriculum-presented through classroom and group activities;

(b)Individual Planning-consulting with students, teachers and parents;

(c)Responsive Services-services that address immediate needs and concerns; and

(d) System Support-indirect guidance activities that enhance the overall program.

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