The Newberry Family Literacy program provides services that are of sufficient intensity in terms of hours, and of sufficient duration, to make sustainable changes in a family and that integrate all of the following activities:


This component comprises instruction in reading, writing, computing, and problem-solving, as well as English as a Second Language, High School Diploma, GED classes and Career Readiness training. The Adult education component is offered at the Newberry Adult Education Center at the Kendall Road Complex.


The children's education component is designed to promote the growth and development of young children and to engage parents in their child's educational program in order to foster meaningful involvement that will be maintained throughout the child's educational career. This component uses a developmentally appropriate curriculum that focuses on the whole child and emphasizes the development of literacy. The child's cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills are developed. We offer this component in part through our Bright Beginnings CDC which is located at the Kendall Road Complex. Parents can attend the Adult Education Center during the same timeframe as their child is attending Bright Beginnings. Education opportunities of families are improved by integrating early childhood and adult education into unified programs.


The parenting component often includes home visits or a safe place conducive for learning and enrichment activities. Parents' literacy skills, along with their attitudes about learning and formal education, have an immense impact on their children's academic achievement. Parent education helps families actively participate in their children's education at home and at school.


Parents who support and extend their children's learning contribute to their children's successes both in school and in life. The Interactive Literacy Activities between parent and child component provides the opportunity for parents and children to interact together as a family unit. For the most part, the children's interests and preferences drive activities, with parents following the lead. Staff members help parents learn how to support their children's learning through interaction with each other in meaningful activities, including play. The reciprocal learning that takes place during this time offers parents and children a chance to become true partners in education. At the end of the session, a literacy-focused large group activity provides ideas for transferring learning to the home and brings closure to the session.