Newberry Family Literacy Council

The purpose of this council is to help build the capacity of the Family Literacy Program to provide services. The council consists of a diverse array of individuals who represent different community services and organizations which have an interest in the mission and vision of the Family Literacy Program, and their organizations provide a specific area of expertise and/or represent key stakeholder organizations. They serve as an important avenue for Family Literacy outreach.

Adult Education

Parent literacy training that leads to economic self-sufficiency-provided by Newberry Adult Education Center and Newberry County schools. The Adult Ed. program provide the parent who was not successful in the traditional school setting an opportunity to succeed in receiving a diploma or GED. Instruction is also provided for English language learners. This program gives them a better chance at life, not just for themselves but, for their children as well.

Early Childhood Education

An age-appropriate education to prepare children for success in school and life experiences-provided by the Parenting/Family Literacy Program in their Bright Beginning's Child Development center. Certified teachers are on hand to provided the very best educational experience for the children in the center each day.

Parenting Support

Training and support sessions for parents regarding how to be the primary teacher for their children and how to be full partners in their children formal education. Groups Sessions give parents the opportunities to discuss parenting issues they may have in common. Guest presenters are also brought in to discuss other parenting issues.

Parent/Child Interaction

This is considered a crucial influence on a child's functioning. Some of the influences include a child's personality formation, academic achievement, behavior and empathy. Opportunities for parent/child interactive literacy activities are provided during home visits, group meetings, and each morning prior to class for Bright Beginning families.