• Turn off and unplug all computers, monitors, external speakers, FM Radios and chargers. Unplug only AC supply cord. (Monitors and computers may be unplugged from back).

• Unplug all power strips. If you have equipment plugged into the power strip, there is no need to unplug equipment from the strip. Unplugging the strip is sufficient.

• Turn off and unplug all TV’s, VCR’s, DVD’s, printers and projectors, both overhead and digital only if it is safe to do so. Never stand on furniture or countertops to unplug anything!

•DO NOT unplug any wires connected to computer hubs/switches.

•DO NOT unplug any network connections in your room.

• Turn off and unplug all copy machines.

• Unplug all classroom refrigerators. This is a great time to clean out and sanitize your refrigerators.

• All vending machines should be turned off or unplugged.

• Ensure all faucets, urinals and toilets are not running or dripping.

• Turn off all lights. (Book rooms, custodial closets, mechanical and storage rooms).

• Set thermostats at 55 degrees for heating and 80 degrees for cooling at the

Career Center Engineering Building, Office of Special Services (Martin Street), Mid-Carolina Middle School 8th Grade Wing and Newberry Alternative School (Round Building).

• Set thermostats in portable classrooms at 60 degrees for heating and 80 for cooling.

• Ensure fans on thermostats are in “auto” position.

• HVAC should not be left on for plants and animals.

• Close and lock all exterior windows and doors.

Make sure substitutes in your school are aware of the shutdown.