Each classroom currently on the Energy Management System (EMS) has a room temperature sensor on the wall or on the face of the wall unit serving that space.

On the sensor you will see a small button with the outline of a sun / moon on it. By pressing this button the unit should start and cool or heat depending on the weather conditions.

All units in the school district have been set to run two (2) hours in the override mode. If the unit does not start please have a "Work Order" submitted to the Facilities Management for servicing.

EMS Wall Sensor

EMS Wall Sensor


On regular school days, the HVAC energy management system should be adjusted to provide the following temperatures 30 minutes prior to the bell ring for the beginning of the school day to 15 minutes after class dismissal.

Summertime rooms temps should be maintained between 74 and 78 degrees.

(areas not in use or unoccupied will be set to maintain 80 degrees in the summer)

Wintertime room temps should be maintained between 68 and 72 degrees.

(areas not in use or unoccupied will be set to maintain 55 degrees in the winter)

The district administration recognizes some employees devote personal time in the classroom before and after scheduled work hours. In these cases, the use of a local override to turn on the HVAC system is permitted.