*Please note that a current active student who will be moving from an Elementary School up to a Middle School, or a Middle School student moving up to a High School is considered a Returning Student and will need to use this form for registration.*


*ONLY for Returning Students*

Returning Student Registration


What is Returning Student Registration?

Returning Student Registration is the process that includes providing proof of residence, verifying student information, and reviewing and completing parent/guardian forms. To prevent delays in scheduling your child’s classes for the coming school year, please complete this process as soon as the Returning Student Registration opens.

Who is it for?

Only students who attended Newberry County schools and did not withdraw are required to complete a Returning Student Registration. It is NOT for students NEW to Newberry County Schools or those returning after withdrawing the prior school year.

When do I have to complete Returning Student Registration?

Parents can use the Returning Student link found at the top of this page to access the registration page or parents can log into their Parent Portal Accounts to complete Returning Student Registration. If you need help setting up your Parent Portal Account, please contact your child's school.

Also, an email to parents/guardians with instructions and a Snapcode for the registration system will be sent out beginning 05/28/2021.   Letters with the Snapcode will also be sent out.

When do I have to complete the Returning Student Registration?

Before the start of every school year.

The Returning Student Registration process begins Tuesday, June 1, 2021 for the 2021-2022 school year. 

A Snapcode links your student’s information to your account.  For security, do not share your Snapcode with others. 

 Important Notes

  • A registration email containing your student’s Snapcode will be sent to the email address on file. Please remember to check your spam folder.  

  • A letter will also be sent home.

  • If you do not receive your Snapcode, please contact your current (2020-2021) school for assistance.  They will ask some basic questions to confirm your identity.  

  • Parents who did not previously use the online system for enrollment or registration will be prompted to create an account.    

  • Proof of Residency must be uploaded to complete the online process.   These can be in the form of a PDF or photo.